Left Ear - Single Aid Kit

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HB-100 is a fully digital hearing aid designed with 16 channel clarity and four preconfigured programs to match the most common types of hearing loss. HB-100 covers the full spectrum of sound up to 8000Hz, supporting better understanding of speech and enjoyment of music. Its small, discreet size is virtually invisible when worn. Your kit includes two types of comfortable fitting tips to choose from, no custom mold needed for a great fit.


This is not an amplification device that increases all sound to distortive levels. This is a fully featured multi-program hearing aid, packed with advanced technology.



  • 100% Digital Technology - provides faster sound processing and greater clarity
  • Four Program Presets to match the most common types of hearing loss - with Single Button Control for Ease of Programming
  • Digital Sound Processing
  • Speaker-In-Canal Technology for Greater Sound Clarity – no distortion caused by sound being carried through tubing
  • Dual Microphones – a matched pair of microphones improves sound clarity and directionality
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction that Eliminates Unwanted Background Noise by up to 90%
  • Acoustic Feedback Management – eliminates annoying feedback (squealing)
  • Shock Sound Suppression – minimizes the impact of short sharp sounds, like car doors being closed.
  • Tonal Confirmation of Program and Volume Changes – helps you know which program you have selected and confirms changes to volume settings
  • Protective Coatings for Greater Durability – creates a moisture barrier and defends against corrosion caused by hair products
  • Low Battery Warning – assists you in keeping your hearing powered up
  • Two Comfortable Tip styles to choose from - Open Fit and Closed Dome
  • Discreet Appearance – Receiver-in-Canal means no thick tube over your ear


Four Individual Programs

Our engineers studied data derived from over a hundred thousand audiograms of hearing aid wearers to create four programs that compensate for the most common type of hearing loss:

Program 1 – compensates mild losses. Low frequency sounds are allowed to enter the ear naturally, while losses in the upper frequencies are amplified. 

Program 2 – compensates mild to moderate losses. Amplification of lower frequency sounds is added to the upper frequency amplification.

Program 3 – compensates moderate to severe losses. Amplification in all frequencies is increased to meet increasing needs.

Program 4 – compensates severe losses. Provides the greatest amount of amplification across all frequencies.



What’s in the Package (Dual Ear Aid Kit): 
- HB-100 Hearing Aid with Attached Link for Left Ear
- Open Dome Tips in multiple sizes
- Closed Dome Tips in multiple sizes
- User Guide
- Six Pack of Batteries (size 10)
- Hearing Aid Cleaning Tool

Additional Info

Additional Info